The first edition sought the attention of

131 teams from 23 countries across Africa
gathering several disciplines, with 15 of them recieving support in two phases,
retracing the development that
lived in her experience of becoming a startup.
A more profitable, sustainable and efficient agriculture implies the optimization of processes in different levels of the agricultural value chain but also of the flows between them.
Regarding this, multiple disciplines, like IoT and Remote Sensing,

E-commerce, Data Science,Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain were covered and put together to fulfill the goal of a more efficient but especially inclusive agriculture andput in together in collaboration with its partners, participative ways of strengthening the skills of the participants around topics like busines models’canvas, storytelling and marketing techniques, development of Proof of Concepts (PoC).

At the end, it will be remembered FARMAN, the first team ever winner of the
Filaha Innovation program

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